Time to indulge our inner geek

Time to indulge our inner geek

A number of ESS reps will attend the Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference the week of Sept 8, 2019. The objective is to gain valuable insights and information on technologies that are rapidly changing today’s paradigm for security professionals. It’s always a top priority to keep on top of the latest integrated security offerings and this conference brings together security professionals from all vertical markets throughout the world to network, learn, and re-invest in the industry.


With more than 550 exhibitors, the conference provides the opportunity to explore thousands of technologies. Additionally, there are education sessions from experts across the world around next-level solutions as well as practical applications.


A massive amount of technology is represented. So, what is most of interest for ESS to analyze for our customers? We will be paying special attention and meeting with manufacturers offering robotics, drone detection and deterrents, and mass communication solutions. Additionally, we are very interested in automated service assurance offerings that are proactive, preemptive and predictive. There are some amazing new options which better enable us to let our customers know if something is going wrong before it happens. Our customers make large investments in security and we want to do all we can possibly do to improve reliability.


We are excited to understand multiple perspectives from thought leaders which not only helps us advise our customers about new and disruptive technologies, but also elevates expertise across their organizations.


Watch for more updates on what we believe deserves your attention…and maybe a couple things just because they’re cool… following GSX!