Gun detection using your current cameras provides cost-effective, life-saving technology. ESS has partnered with Zeroeyes, an artificial intelligence analytics program for real time weapon detection and alerts. Time saved identifying an armed individual prior to a shooting, and tracking them through a building, has a high potential to save lives. Most mass shootings have a “staging” period that lasts 3-30 minutes. Alerts, especially during that period, have the potential to stop a shooting before it begins.

How it works:

  • Threat approaches, displays weapon
  • In milliseconds, AI-backed tech identifies firearm and threat
  • Within 3-5 seconds, an alert is pushed out to school administrators, law enforcement, and first responders
  • System continuously updates law enforcement with images and location of threat


  • Works with your current cameras (1080 p min.)
  • Simple user interface
  • Alerts client and local emergency dispatch simultaneuously
  • Provides alarm and alerts
  • Tracks firearm in real time
  • Developed by US Navy SEALs and Intelligence officers