Professional, local and responsive, we know we represent you when we work with property managers. We work with:

  • Existing structures
  • Remodels
  • New construction


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ESS Property Management security experts begin the standard risk assessment with questions that evaluate risks, identify weaknesses and, ultimately, identify opportunities for customized security measures. Some of the questions we work to answer as we evaluate a property are:

  1. Where are the areas of weakness in the facility?
  2. What are the potential threats?
  3. Does the facility have the proper systems and equipment to protect from each of the potential threats?
  4. Are there proper systems and equipment in place to handle those events, etc. (fire doors, access control systems, mass communication systems, etc.)?
  5. Are those systems and equipment up-to-code and functioning properly?
  6. If an event was to occur, how will employees, customers, executives and authorities be notified?
  7. Do the staff and customers know what to do and where to go if the event were to occur?

The security of your properties is a critical factor of your success. And you need a company that represents you well. Working with tight budgets and unique security challenges, you need a solution that is technologically advanced, but easy to use. We know. We’ve been a trusted security solutions partner for businesses across southeastern Wisconsin for 20 years.