Engineered Security Solutions is a Wisconsin integrated security leader providing cutting-edge solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, law enforcement, hospitality, education, financial customers and more throughout the state of Wisconsin.


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You are entrusted with the security of your organization, customers and staff every day. Working with tight budgets and, often, the added security challenges of vandalism and theft, you need a security solution that is technologically advanced, but easy to use.

  • Knowlegeable about the latest technology including Artificial Intelligence weapon detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition and more that may work with your current surveillance cameras
  • Simplified, centralized multi-site management right from your mobile device
  • In-field repair to get you up and running in hours rather than weeks
  • After-sales support second to none - we take the time to be sure you know your system
  • No pre-packaged systems, all custom to your needs
  • Open platform software for greater flexibility and reduced cost