ESS works with schools, financial institutions, small businesses, large corporations, retail, law enforcement, municipalities, non-profits and more to assist pinpointing concerns, highlighting security risks and recommending a system that is designed specifically for your needs. Our state-of-the-art systems will provide monitoring of unauthorized activity, location management, alerting emergency services, and also reporting critical conditions such as carbon monoxide detection, unusual temperature changes, loss prevention, and asset management.


Intrusion alarm system features:

  • User-friendly keypads, touch screens and key fob on/off
  • Wireless devices
    • Door Contacts
    • Motion
    • Glassbreak
    • Hold-up/panic
    • Sounders
  • Mobile apps
  • Access control and camera integration
  • Multiple partitions
  • Complete audit history of events
  • Scalable to hundreds of zones for a single or multiple locations
  • UL Central Station Monitoring
  • Testing, ongoing support services and repair (link to support)
  • Systems customized to meet your needs


Monitoring Services

ESS contracts the highest quality UL-listed and Factory Mutual approved, state-of-the-art monitoring available in the industry. Our intrusion and fire monitoring systems meet exceedingly stringent industry requirements. Our central station operators are Security Industry Association (SIA) trained and certified for fast and accurate responses. They follow strict protocol and provide professional, courteous service.

Our various transmission/communications methods to ensure cost-effective, uninterrupted service around the clock include:

  • cellular network
  • radio network
  • and IP/internet
  • or a mixture of more than one transmission to ensure reliability


We have teamed up with trusted and reliable partners to provide you with the highest quality equipment including, but not limited to:

  • DMP
  • Honeywell