A multi sensor device to detect vapor from e-cigarettes, THC, sound abnormalities, a variety of chemicals, humidity and much more for a safe environment

Smart sensors can integrate with your security systems and alert you to vaping and other dangers. Often placed in areas where cameras can’t be used, smart sensors add a layer of security without invading privacy.


Smart systems features:

  • Air Quality Monitoring
    • Vape and smoke detection
    • Dangerous chemical detection
    • Temperature and humidity
  • Sound Frequency Monitoring
    • Escalated sounds (bullying)
  • Chemical Detection
    • Whippets (Nitrous Oxide)
    • Propanol and Hydrogen
    • Ammonia
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (Glue Solvents)
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Carbon Monoxide
  • Light level detection for off hours building breaches
  • Alerts via email or text alerts
  • Integrates with video management and access control
HALO Smart Sensor