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Is it time to update my access control readers and cards?

Older technology readers are not as secure as they once were
Is it time to update my access control readers and cards?
For decades, 125 kHz cards, fobs and readers have been the standard for access control. But like any technology, it becomes out-of-date. In this case, criminals have developed technology to bypass the system. An inexpensive device has been created which makes it relatively easy to hack the system. Hack Your Access Control With This $30 HID 125kHz Card Copier. This device copies fobs/cards, compromising your access control system. They are widely available including sites such as eBay. These vulnerable 125KHZ formats include… HID Prox ... » Read More

We've got something to brag about!

Congratulations Amy
I’ve always believed that the team here at ESS is our greatest asset as a company. From the time I started the business nearly 20 years ago, I realized a customer-focused approach is what would set us apart…that, deep expertise, integrity and loyalty. So when I have the opportunity to brag about an accomplishment of someone at ESS, we are going to brag! So, I’d like to take a moment to recognize Amy Mayer who received the 2019 Administrator of the year Award from WIESA (Wisconsin Electronic Security Association). If you work ... » Read More