Organizations with fire protection requirements have high expectations for their alarm system.

Reliable, easy-to-use, and well-designed fire alarm systems are a necessity for any organization or institution with high expectations for their fire protection requirements. We will ensure the protection of your business assets with a well-engineered, code-compliant commercial fire alarm system. Our advanced alarm systems feature a user-friendly interface while still maintaining a high level of detection and alert for both you and the authorities in even the most demanding environments.

Fire Alarm System Features:

  • Fire/Smoke Detection
  • Adherence to UL standards
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Required fire alarm testing and inspections
  • NFPA reporting
  • Ongoing support services and repairs

Control Panels & Keypads—Relays to all detectors and indicators provide the user and central monitoring station complete accuracy in pinpointing the location of the hazard.

Smoke Detectors—Provides early warning of a smoldering smoke or fire condition. Smoke detectors are required in most buildings.

Fire Horns & Strobes—These devices use a combination of audible and visual systems to alert a building’s occupants, including those who are blind or hard of hearing, to the need for evacuation due to a fire condition.

Waterflow & Tamper Switches—Waterflow detectors monitor the flow of water to sprinkler heads.  Tamper switches help prevent tampering and incorrect setting of valve controls.

Every business is subject to catastrophe: don’t put yourself and others at risk by neglecting your fire system needs. To learn more about ESS and how we can help you – Call us at (262) 780-9770 or fill out our quick contact form to the right.