Burglary and intrusion is a serious risk to every business – are you protected?

ESS can help protect your property and assist in managing all areas of your facility. Our state-of-the-art systems will provide monitoring of unauthorized activity, location management, alerting emergency services, and reporting critical conditions such as carbon monoxide detection and unusual temperature changes.

ESS works with small businesses, large corporations, retail, law enforcement, schools, municipalities and financial institutions to assist pinpointing concerns, highlighting security risks and recommending a system that is designed specifically for your needs.

Burglary & Intrusion Alarm System Features: 

  • UL Listed for burglary, fire and access control
  • UL Central Station Monitoring
  • User-friendly keypad interface
  • Wireless connectivity of supervised devices
  • Supports multiple partitions
  • Complete audit history of events
  • Scalability to hundreds of zones
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Testing, ongoing support services and repair

Control Panels & Keypads—Arm and disarm the system, view events on an LCD screen, and alert authorities to avert a break or respond to possible difficulties.

Door/Window Contacts—Regular contacts monitor the opening of doors and windows at precise times and locations. Overhead door contacts are more rugged to accommodate for the size and weight of overhead doors. If these switches are triggered without authorization, an alert will be issued to both the user and central monitoring station.

Motion Detectors—These detectors can pick up on the location and motion of unidentified heat sources, relaying that information to the central monitoring station so action can be taken.

Glass Break Detectors—The signal of the breaking of glass at a specific location is relayed to the arming station. The central monitoring station is alerted and appropriate action can be taken.

The Engineered Security Solutions team can provide you with fully integrated systems that are tailored to fit any situation, and can fulfill our goal in creating a sense of security and peace of mind.

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